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Terms, Conditions & Warranty | Revolve Wheels

Terms and Conditions

Revolve Wheels cannot be responsible for incorrect information given. If fitment is not provided, Revolve Wheels will recommend Revolve Wheels fitments; however, the customer must give final authorizations preference and perceptions may differ amongst individuals. Should the customer require a technical consult, one may be provided to understand the custom-tailored fitment specifications. Upon receiving, the wheels are to be test fit with load prior to mounting tires to insure proper fitment. If there is an issue refer to warranty. Should instruction on how to properly test fit be needed, please email sales@revolvewheels.com. Revolve Wheels is not responsible for tire choice or size, but can recommend based on the widths, perception and preference is of personal taste and all vehicles have different factors such as, but not limited to suspension height, camber, etc; therefore, Revolve Wheels cannot be held liable.


Revolve Wheels comes with a Lifetime Limited Structural Workmanship Warranty and One Year Limited Finish Warranty from the date of purchase by the original consumer and/or users (‘original purchase’) under normal and reasonable use. Revolve Wheels will repair or replace any wheels established to be defective with a wheel of like size, design, and finish if and only if under the same production model run period. Any repair or warranty work does not warrant cancellation or refund. Revolve Wheels are made specifically for road use only with road tires. Any use of Revolve Wheels off road or otherwise release Revolve Wheels from any liability. USED wheels are not covered because Revolve Wheels does not know the history of the wheels, such as repair or refurbishment with the wheels may have undergone and by whom the work was done by.

Warranty is automatically void on any wheel that has been altered in any manner, such as Repair, Bolt Pattern, Offset, Centre bore or any of the following conditions; does not offer a “road hazard warranty.” This warranty does not extend to damage due to neglect, harsh chemicals, potholes, road debris, or collisions. Claims for appearance defects will not be honored once the wheel has been mounted with a tire. Furthermore, claims will not be honored if they visible existing identification marking have been defaced, altered, removed, or any work done by a third party such as repairs or refinishing unless authorized by Revolve Wheels. This is because Revolve Wheels cannot guarantee any work performed on the wheels in any fashion except from Revolve Wheels technician unless otherwise authorized by Revolve Wheels.

The wheels should be mounted with tires, installed by reputable shop that has experience with custom wheels, used and maintained. Failure to follow such instructions will void warranty. Careless installation techniques may cause damage to wheels for which Revolve Wheels does not assume responsibility. Maintaining proper tire inflation is essential in reducing unnecessary stress to the wheel over time. The wheels should be mounted using only lug nuts, mag nuts, or lug bolts of guaranteed quality and specifications meeting minimum D.O.T safety requirements. This warranty does not apply if the wheel is modified or altered. Wheels should be inspected on a regular basis, at least annually. A wheel must be inspected after any accident to make sure that it has not been damaged and that lug nuts are intact and secure.

Revolve Wheels is not responsible for leaking wheels. All wheels are QC’d for proper assembly prior to shipping. Leaks are usually due to improper install of the tires, mounting TPMS, or valve stem. Revolve Wheels will offer technical support to trouble-shoot and help rectify the leak. If installer cannot troubleshoot, customer is welcome to ship the wheel to Revolve Wheels for repair (refer to Repair Policy and Procedure).

Revolve Wheels is not responsible for wheel vibration. All wheels are QC’d for proper runout tolerances prior to shipping and made sure they are within the industry standard of 15-30 thousandths. All QC is documented & filmed and available to the customer at any time. In the event any wheel experiences vibration, contact your installer to remedy the situation. Revolve Wheels is available for support to help diagnose as oftentimes it is due to improper balance, mounting, or the tires.

All warranty claims must be sent to Revolve Wheels for inspection before any claim can be accepted. Warranty claims must be processed through the original dealer that the wheels were purchased from or the original invoice purchase through Revolve Wheels. Dealers or direct customer must obtain a Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number from an Revolve Wheels representative before sending any warranty claims back to Revolve Wheels. Warranty claims sent to Revolve Wheels without an RMA number will be refused. Revolve Wheels will perform an inspection upon receipt of the wheel and notify the dealer or direct customer if the wheel has been accepted as a manufacturing claim.

Revolve Wheels is not liable for any shipping costs involved for any warranty claims; this includes any expenses as result of removal, installation, transportation cost or loss of use. Any expenses covered will be at the discretion of the original dealer and determined on a case-by-case basis.

Accessories determined to be defective in workmanship or materials while the wheel is under warranty will be repaired or replaced. Wheels will not be replaced due to defects in accessories


  • Wear and tear from long term use; such as the fading of paintings, chrome plating.
  • Sensuous phenomenon which does not give bad effect on driving performance; recognized as feeling of driving which is caused mostly by miss-adjusting wheel balance.
  • Defects become worse by being left or neglected.
  • Defect resulting from violation or neglect of rules and cautions listed on this manual.
  • Defects resulting from alteration, modification or repairs by other than AMF wheels.
  • Defect resulting from installation on vehicle which is altered or modified illegally.
  • Defects resulting from improper maintenance or no maintenance at all.
  • Defects resulting from installation of improper wheel (ex. Sizes or the like) to the vehicle.
  • Defects resulting from installation of incorrect tire size.
  • Defects resulting from wrong use of mounting parts; such as nuts, bolts, spacers, hub rings or the like.
  • Defects resulting from external factor such as harsh cleaning chemicals or abrasives, roadway chemicals and hazards, and adverse weather.
  • Defects resulting from natural calamity such as damage of earthquake, storms, folds and fire or any accident and acts of God.
  • Defects resulting from mis-operation of mounting on/off tires and balancing.
  • Defects resulting from use at competitive events or use off road.
  • Claims without any proof of purchase or of original owner.
  • Special custom color finishes already agreed by purchaser upon ordering as without finish warranty.
  • Any cost resulting from inconvenience and loss occurred during replace or repair; such as telephone, rent-a-car, hotel, transportation, new tires, compensation for loss of sales, business chance and closed days and etc.
  • Defects resulting from the installation on excessive or uncovered vehicle load.

Return Policy

Notes: (a) Under no circumstances should the wheel(s) arrive with tires(s). If the wheel(s) arrive with tire(s) Revolve Wheels will refuse the shipment. (b) All repair work shipping charges are to be paid by the dealer/customer unless warranty work, (c) Revolve Wheels is not responsible for any damages in shipping and all damage claims are to be filed with the shipping courier, such as, but not limited to UPS, FedEX, etc.

All Revolve Wheels are custom made to order. We do not stock any wheels as they are intended to be custom tailored to your preference. Once the order’s paperwork has been signed and the payment received, the order will be processed and cannot be cancelled nor refunded due to its custom nature. Once you have received the invoice, you have 24 hrs. to make any changes. After this period has expired, no further changes can be made. This is to insure there are no mistakes or disruption to the production process.

Return Policy Procedure

  1. Should you feel your issue is under warranty refer to WARRANTY for instructions.
  2. Non-warranty repairs email sales@revolvewheels.com including order details and repair/replacement description. Response will be given within 24 hours with instructions on how to proceed.
  3. When the wheel(s) arrive, Revolve Wheels will take photos of all wheel(s) in the condition received.
  4. The wheel will be visually examined and tested for runouts.
  5. Revolve Wheels will summarize the results and provide an estimate and description for repairs to the customer/dealer. For example (but not limited to), the wheels may be sent for inner lip replacement, but Revolve Wheels may discover that the outer may be slightly bent after runout testing or the center may be warped. Note: Photos and video of the results will be provided.
  6. Revolve Wheels will do no work on the wheel(s) or order any parts until the customer/dealer has signed and returned the Repair Estimate selecting what items they wish to repair/replace.
  7. That specific wheel(s) will be engraved on the back pad with the Repair Work Order Number for the repair record keeping purpose.
  8. In the event the customer forgoes the recommended repairs and chooses to repair/ replace only certain items within the estimate, Revolve Wheels is released of all liability regarding that specific wheel as Revolve Wheels recommends repair/replacing all necessary components that have issue.
  9. ETA of the repair will be given, but is subject to degree of damage and/or, but not limited the availability of parts sourced from 3rd party supplier.
  10. Should there be a delay in ETA, Revolve Wheels will notify the customer/dealer as soon as possible.
  11. Revolve Wheels is not liable for time vehicle is down, rental car, tire(s) replacement, or any internal expenses incurred due to a wheel repair or warranty work.


 We cannot guarantee a set delivery date, but will provide you an estimated time of arrival when a deposit is made. Delays may occur due, but not limited to availability of parts and/or wheels not meeting QC standards such as powder coat blemishes, etc. Should a delay occur, Revolve Wheels will notify the customer as soon as possible to inform them of status. Revolve Wheels is not responsible for the time your vehicle is down, a rental car, or any internal expenses caused by any delay in wheel production. Delays in production do not warrant cancellation or refunds. Your deposit is an agreement that should any delays occur, Revolve Wheels is not liable for any external cost that may arise due to a delay in production. Once production has been completed,  there is a 30 day period to pay off remaining balance. If no payment has been made within the 30 day period, the wheels will be forfeit with no refund on previous payments.

Maintenance & Storage Conditions

  •  Aluminium alloy wheels are susceptible to corrosion when they are exposed to salt and mud. Therefore, wash them with water after driving the vehicle on the beach or on a snowy or unpaved road 
  • Do not use chemicals that include abrasive compound or strong acid or alkaline. To select the right products that enhance and preserve the beauty of your wheels, please read their product labels and instructions carefully. 
  • Using car wash equipment could scratch the wheels. The best way is to wash by hand. When doing so, be careful with sharp edges, which could be hazardous to your hands. 
  • When storing these wheels/tires for prolonged period of time, protect them from direct sunlight, rain, oil, moisture, humidity and high temperature.
  • Uninstalled tire wheels should have 1/2 of tire air pressure of standard use and should be kept in storage. 
  • When re-installing, always check its tire pressure to the recommended level, wheel balance, and nuts and bolts tightened to the appropriate torque. 


A non refundable 50% deposit or full payment is required to process an order. Cash, check, cashier’s check, and wire transfer is accepted. CA customers are subject to CA Sales Tax (9.50%). Credit Cards are accepted with a 3% processing fee. Wheels are not released without approval from accounting verifying that payment in full has cleared our bank account. 


We have a flat rate of $120 for the lower 48 states of the United States via UPS Ground. For international shipping, additional shipping charges may apply based on location. For custom shipping options, please speak to one of our sales representatives. 

  • +1 (626) 820-9282
  • info@revolvewheels.com

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  • +1 (626) 820-9282
  • info@revolvewheels.com

Monday – Friday
9 AM – 5 PM PST


Enter in your email to be the first to know about our upcoming releases and news. Also, receive exclusive subscriber-only offers and discounts! 



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